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Deanna (Dee)
Feb 12, 2018
Probably the best memory I have with my brother is back when we were in grade school. Mark had a metal Tonka truck that he used to pull on a rope on the back of his bike. He used to have me sit in the dump part of the truck and pull me down the alley. That truck would vibrate from the rocks and my butt would hurt. My butt finally got to big and it hurt. I told him no more riding in the truck with him. He leaned down and press down on the sides and widened the truck bed and said. There you go sis. You can still ride with me. I did too until the truck wouldn't hold me anymore. When I see a Tonka truck I just laugh!!! I have so many stories and so many memories from growing up with ...Mark. I am glad I do. That is all I have left, memories and pictures! But how great they are!!!Read more

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